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January 9, 2013
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I'm an Idea-Machine.
It's true.
You give me one thing,
and the next thing you know, I'm making up thirty different other things in my head and I'm already on a rampage on the thirty possibilities for each of the thirty ideas!
Which is why this account is gonna overflow with my brainchildren for Adventure time.
Is it weird that brainchildren doesn't come up as a spelling error?"


That's just how my brain works.

So, I've been thinking... If anyone is interested in the idea of AUs, as it seems School AUs are the "In" thing right now---

Yes, my friends, I used the phrase "The In Thing"---

I had ideas for different types of AUs.

Idea #1:
It's the second war in the history of the world as we know it. Ooo is being thrown apart, with different kingdoms tossing knights and soldiers and militia at one another. An organization arises, offering their help to re-unite the world before another, rather large crater appears on the poor planet.
A rather vague idea I had. Possibilities arise from this though; designing militia and the royal armory for kingdoms, as well as formally choosing a side-- "good" or "evil". Also the chance to practice T1 roleplay. Battling against friends, forming idealistic rivalries against friends and foes!

Idea #2:
A more medieval theme to Ooo. What the court men and ladies would humanly act like; what types of people they would rule over, and-- in addition--who they would favor and who they wouldn't.
Much Like a school AU, but a more frilly idea. Pros: It's original, it's fun, it's alternate. Cons: I doubt the AU would stretch far enough to become a popular thing, thus why it's only an idea to be worked upon.

Idea #3:
For those that take a liking to Sci-Fi; how about a world where you are either a Survivor and an Invader? Survivors live in packs, groups that meet up and break up and switch people in order to survive. Invaders have captured the cities, building their own in replace of the old, and killing or capturing Survivors to do as they please.
A more spur-of-the-moment RP I had been I was watching Adventure Time and listening to an Alien themed song. Interesting enough, the idea could also be changed to another type of Apocalyptic scene.

Idea #4:
Not so much of an AU but a group for those to join within the Ooo we know-- An Organization with connections to Royals and Non-Royals Alike, who do favors for the goodies and the baddies.
This was my idea to expand my own thing with groups. I liked the idea of such an organization, much like you see in Anime/Manga/Games now-a-days [Naruto > Akatsuki, Bleach > Soul Reapers [?], Kingdom Hearts > Organization 13 [?].] A rather quaint thing, I say.

Edit// Idea #5, presented by Ask-The-Great-Kazaa:
The World before Ooo, Before the Bomb; Who were/would have been ours OCs beforehand? In a world much like our own, with a few 'natural' oddities, who were our characters and if not them, who were their ancestors, their previous lives if they were re-incarnated?
I liked this idea. Gives insight into my own character, Mama G, who was someone before the War. Interesting!

I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. If you have an idea of your own, I'd love to hear it and maybe even add it for people to see.
I love ideas.
They're how I thrive.
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(( Well I like it! I do have an idea for one of them.... well its kind of an Au universe, I guess it determines how you look at it. Here is what I was thinking! So! We all know the wonderful world of OOO, the amazing fantasy land that our OCs adventure threw, but as we know it was not always that way. Around 1000 years ago the bomb was dropped that turned the world into the land of OOO over time. But that dose not explain how are OC's got there, they all should have origins that date to that time. So my thought was to make something that shows everyone your OC's ancestors ))
Like, a pre-Mushroom War world or even ancestors, like you said-- say, if they were re-incarnated?
(( Yeah, maybe Pre-Mushroom War, maybe right after it, and the people who survived it, Maybe it could be re-incarnated ))
Good idea! I added it!
(( thanks o u o , the only other thing I can think of is maybe some kind of inverted world, where everything is opposite... but even then I dont have a whole lot I can say about it, it needs allot of work done to it ))
I need to favorite this so I can keep reading it over and over! Lol, yes, it is weird that brainchildren doesn't show up as an error XD ))
I was baffled by it! Brainchildren is a word!
Lol, I never would've expected it! Hmm, I wonder how brainchildren would look like... ))
I shall draws it and shows you it!
OMG~ That would be awesome! XD My hat, if I was wearing one, goes off to you! ))
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